How to Become a Hunter Education Instructor


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Individuals seeking certification must be:


  1. A resident of Ontario;
  2. The holder of a valid Outdoors Card with hunting accreditation;

  3. In possession of a valid hunting licence for the current year and for each of the 5 years prior to applying to become an Instructor;
  4. The holder of a valid Firearms Licence (Possession and Acquisition); and
  5. Pass a background check related to criminal and natural resources offences deemed to be detrimental to the position. The background check is to be completed by the applicant, when requested by the ministry, at their own expense.
  6. While all applications will be accepted, not all candidates will be trained or appointed.

New Instructor Training/Evaluation Requirements

The training/evaluation standards to be met are:

  1. Successful completion of the OHEC examination, to Instructors level of 90% or higher;
  2. Successful completion of the Ontario Hunter Education Instructors Course, examination and evaluation; and
  3. Successful delivery of an OHEC and examination within one year of training under the direction of a certified hunter education instructor. An evaluation must be conducted and signed off by an impartial Hunter Education Instructor that can be a provincial trainer or someone approved by the ministry. The ministry will review evaluations and may appoint the appropriate person to the position of a Hunter Education Instructor. Those who do not meet the standards will be informed and advised if any further action is required.


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