The new Ontario specific online course replaces the temporary online option through Saskatchewan, and students will no longer be able to register for this course after July 26, 2021.

However, students registered before July 26, 2021 will still have 90 days to complete the online course and connect with an instructor to complete the examination.

If you have already completed the temporary online course, you can still book a virtual examination with an instructor at this time. However, we recommend that you contact an instructor as soon as possible to complete your examination as this option is time limited and many instructors are very busy teaching the in-person course.

To find an instructor and request a virtual exam email and attach a copy of your Saskatchewan online Student Report with the Hunter ID# as proof of completing the online course. Contact information for an instructor will be emailed to you.

Contact the instructor to pay for the examination and set the time/date. The cost for administering the exam is $100.

If you have any questions please contact the Ontario Hunter Education Program at or call 705-748-5785.

Please note: If you wish to hunt with a gun you must also have federal firearms accreditation (e.g. a valid possession and acquisition licence (PAL), minor’s licence).

Steps to Obtain Ontario Hunter Education Accreditation

Ontario residents wishing to obtain Ontario hunter education accreditation must follow these five (5) steps:

STEP 1: Register & Complete Saskatchewan online Hunter Safety Course

No longer available (see notice at top of page)

STEP 2: Review Ontario Specific Course Content

Click on each link below to download/review the course content and regulations prior to the virtual examination. Information in the documents below will be tested on the exam.

STEP 3: Register for a Virtual Examination

  • Email OHEP at  to request a virtual examination & attach a copy of your Saskatchewan online Student Report with the Hunter ID# as proof of completing the online course
  • OHEP will follow up by emailing you contact information for an Instructor
  • Contact the Instructor to pay for the examination & set the time/date (Cost of exam is $100)

STEP 4: Submit Examination REPORT to NDMNRF

  • After successfully completing the virtual examination, the instructor will send you a digital emailed copy of your examination report form
  • Use the digital copy of your examination report form to submit to the Natural Resources Information and Support Centre (NRISC).
  • For steps on how to submit your examination report visit this link

STEP 5: Purchase Outdoors Card & Hunting Products

  • Once the hunting privilege has been added to your Outdoors Card profile (step 4), you can purchase all hunting licences and enter big game draws.
  • Licences can be purchased online at


Why am I being directed to the Saskatchewan online course, is that correct?

Yes. Ontario’s hunter education course is not currently available online. In order to offer a temporary approach for Ontario residents, it was determined Saskatchewan’s online hunter education course closely aligns with Ontario’s program and meets similar standards.

The interim process is outlined at This process temporarily allows students to take the online hunter education course from Saskatchewan after which students must register for an examination with an Ontario Instructor.

To register for an examination, online students must email OHEP at to be connected with an Instructor.


There is a lot of Ontario material to cover – do I need to review all of it?

Yes, you should review all Ontario specific course content/materials before registering for an examination. See Step 2.


Can I use the Ontario specific material during the exam?

Only the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary can be used during the examination.


Who do I contact to set up an examination?

After successfully completing the online course, students must contact the Ontario hunter education program (OHEP) via to be connected with an Ontario Instructor.

You will be required to provide a copy of your Saskatchewan online student Report with the Hunter ID# as proof of completing the online course.


What does the virtual examination involve?

The exam consists of 70 multiple-choice questions which you will complete with an Ontario Instructor through a live chat format such as Skype or Zoom. You will have a maximum of 2.5 hours to complete the exam. The Instructor will read aloud the examination and show each question onscreen as a visual aid to assist students. Students provide their answers verbally to the Instructor. The Instructor will verify they heard the answer correctly and record the answers.


What if I fail the examination?

Students who are not successful in passing the examination can re-take the examination following a minimum 24 hour wait time. Students will be permitted ONLY two attempts at re-taking the examination. Establishing a suitable time for re-taking the examination following the 24-hour period will be at the discretion of the Instructor. An examination fee may be collected each time the examination is re-taken.

What do I do after I complete the exam?

Immediately following the successful completion of the examination, Instructors will provide students with a digital/scanned copy of their Hunter Education Examination Report (yellow student copy). A hard copy of the report will also be sent via mail. Please refer to the Ontario Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service for information and steps on how to submit your Examination Report from home


I. To complete the online Saskatchewan course, the instructions on the hunter website indicate to meet with a S.A.F.E. instructor. For the purposes of meeting Ontario’s requirements, this step is not required. You will only be required to complete the online portion of the Saskatchewan course. When you have completed the online course you will receive a certificate by email. Please save a copy and refer back to for further instructions on obtaining your Ontario Accreditation.

II. While hunting techniques and safety related information are similar between Ontario and Saskatchewan, there are some differences to be aware of. Please ensure that you review and are familiar with the Ontario Hunting Regulations prior to taking your examination with an Ontario instructor.

Items to note include the following:

  • In Ontario, high visibility safety vests do not meet the requirements for hunter orange. Please consult the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary for more information.
  • Tagging requirements differ between the two provinces
  • Rules related to Trespassing may differ

III. For questions related to the Ontario Hunter Education Course, how to book an examination with an Ontario Instructor, or about the alternative delivery method in general, please contact the Ontario Hunter Education Program at or call 705-748-5785

IV. For questions regarding technical support for the Saskatchewan online course, please contact

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