Please note that this course will provide you with the accreditation to hunt with a bow. If you wish to hunt with a gun you must also have federal firearms accreditation (e.g. a PAL). If you have not previously taken the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) you will need to complete the CFSC when courses become available.

This temporary online option to complete the Ontario Hunter Education Course requires students to complete the Saskatchewan online hunter education course, review course content online specific to Ontario (such as the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary) and complete the Ontario Examination virtually with an Ontario Hunter Education Instructor.

Please Note:

  • This will NOT permit you to hunt with a gun (unless you already have proof of firearms accreditation, such as a PAL or Minor’s Licence).
  • This is an interim measure. Once face-to-face gatherings can safely resume, the Ontario Hunter Education Program will resume in-person classes
  • The option is for Ontario Residents only

Steps to Obtain Ontario Hunter Education Accreditation

Ontario residents wishing to obtain Ontario hunter education accreditation must follow these five (5) steps:

STEP 1: Register & Complete Saskatchewan online HE course

  • Read DISCLAIMER below before beginning the online course
  • Register online for course (Cost of course is $28.50)
  • Successfully complete the online portion
  • DO NOT follow up with Saskatchewan Instructor as directed, after you complete the online portion

STEP 2: Review Ontario Specific Course Content

STEP 3: Register for a Virtual Examination

  • Email OHEP at  to request a virtual examination & attach a copy of your Saskatchewan online Student Report with the Hunter ID# as proof of completing the online course
  • OHEP will follow up by emailing you contact information for an Instructor
  • Contact the Instructor to pay for the examination & set the time/date (Cost of exam is $100)

STEP 4: Submit Examination Form to MNRF

  • After successfully completing the ON virtual examination, you will be emailed a copy of your exam report form
  • Use the digital copy of your exam to submit to the NRISC.
  • Visit to see steps on how to submit your examination report from home

STEP 5: Purchase Outdoors Card & Hunting Products

  • Once the hunting privilege has been added to your Outdoors Card profile (step 4), you can purchase all hunting licences and enter big game draws.
  • Licences can be purchased online at


I. To complete the online Saskatchewan course, the instructions on the hunter website indicate to meet with a S.A.F.E. instructor. For the purposes of meeting Ontario’s requirements, this step is not required. You will only be required to complete the online portion of the Saskatchewan course. When you have completed the online course you will receive a certificate by email. Please save a copy and refer back to for further instructions on obtaining your Ontario Accreditation.

II. While hunting techniques and safety related information are similar between Ontario and Saskatchewan, there are some differences to be aware of. Please ensure that you review and are familiar with the Ontario Hunting Regulations prior to taking your examination with an Ontario instructor.

Items to note include the following:

  • Hunter Orange requirements in Ontario (high visibility safety vests referred to in Saskatchewan course do not meet Ontario’s requirements);
  • Tagging requirements differ between the two provinces
  • Rules related to Trespassing may differ

III. For questions related to the Ontario Hunter Education Course, how to book an examination with an Ontario Instructor, or about the alternative delivery method in general, please contact the Ontario Hunter Education Program at or call 705-748-5785

IV. For questions regarding technical support for the Saskatchewan online course, please contact

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